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Opening January 2019

Providing professional dance training in the form of an hour of Jazz/Contemporary and an hour of Streetdance. Spend 3-5pm each week with a top industry professional and push your dancing skills to new levels!

What is it?

Intense dance technique classes in Jazz/Contemporary and Hip Hop/Street. With the added option of joining a workshop session, learning specific routines for a performance at the end of the term alongside MX Masterclass.

Where is it?

Top Dance Studios in London. TBC

What does it cost?

£16.00 per 1-hour lesson, per week

Term Structure

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Advance your dance skills to a higher level


10 weeks of advanced technique classes. 

  • 1 hour of Jazz/Contemporary/HipHop technique
  • An additional 1-hour workshop* working towards a routine to be filmed or showcased live.

How much will it cost?

1-hour technique class: £16 per hour x 10 weeks = £160.00
(Covering different dance styles, including Jazz, Contemporary & HipHop/Street)

1-hour workshop* – putting the technique you learn into practice by taking part in a routine to be showcased: £16.00 per hour x 10 weeks = £160.00

Want to do both classes?

Discounts apply if you sign up for both the technique and the workshop classes.



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Term dates - Spring 2019

  • January - 13th, 20th, 27th
  • February - 3rd, 10th, 24th
  • March - 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th


Want to have your talents showcased too?

You can sign up for either just the 1-hour technique class or include the workshop* in your weekly training:

Technique only = £16.00 per hour x 10 weeks = £160.00

Technique + workshop*  = £16.00 per hour, per class x 10 weeks = £320.00

*The workshop can only be signed up for if you're taking the technique classes. For this, you will be learning a routine to be showcased either live or filmed.


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