Who are the 'Emmys'?

When you join MXM, you instantly become part of the family. We all affectionately refer to that family as the 'Emmys'! Becoming an Emmy introduces you to a wealth of like-minded friends, who often become life-long friends beyond their Sunday classes. You also get access to the 'Emmy Zone' – an insider portal to useful MXM info.

Don't take our word for it...

The culture of a musical theatre studio is something else and it can be difficult to put into words! There's a certain 'vibe' that we think is best explained by one of our own 'Emmys';

"MXM proved its worth immediately with its amazing opportunities for students and outstanding teachers. Within weeks we were in auditions for West End Live, an experience I will never forget and never thought I would be able to take part in...

What felt like immediately we were onto the next thing, performing in a West End Theatre to an Agent audience and giving us further opportunities to showcase ourselves. It sounds absolutely mad and hugely busy and like we never have time for any fun but, alas, we still manage to play ludicrous games and have a massive laugh.

Its a great balance of hard work and progress as well as a good laugh, some fun and a fab chance to make new friends and meet people. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow!" - Phoebe Bryant.

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...and the results are in.

We asked our Emmys what it is they love about MXM and here are the most commonly mentioned items:

  • The environment
  • The opportunities
  • The support
  • The people
  • The guest professionals
  • The challenge
  • Making friends
  • and...Everything!

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