What our Emmys think about MX Masterclass...

“MXM has definitely helped me an insane amount with my performing, technique, confidence and being able to achieve these offers. I’m so glad I found MXM and have such a wonderful team of staff and students who support me and each other SO MUCH! I’m super excited for all the times ahead with MXM and can’t wait for more new Emmys to join and understand the amazing talent of MXM! Thank you so so so much!”

Lois Chapman
(accepted to Arts Ed, Italia Conti and Urdang Academy)


"Wow. What can I say about MXM? Well, I’ve only been there a few weeks as this is my first term but I can already see a huge improvement in my performing abilities. The teachers at MXM are incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and supportive, teaching us new skills every single week. I’m so excited for our first performance and already can’t wait to go back next Sunday. Thank you so much MXM!"

Jemma Walton


"My granddaughter comes home ‘on fire.. absolutely buzzing’ after her Sunday class. 
To see her confidence and her passion grow so much after such a short time is worth the travel and time getting to London from Wiltshire!"

Gillian Powney



What have you got out of MXM?

"My daughter attends MXM every Sunday and absolutely loves it, she comes out absolutely full of confidence every week, whether it's her turn to sing or her turn to listen to one of the other amazingly talented students or one of the out-of-this-world guest speakers she's in stagey heaven! She announces all the time she wishes she could go to MXM every day! MXM teachers and students are all so supportive, talented and focused on the same goals, training in something they all love and are passionate about, working hard and dreaming big! Outside of MXM, they all stay in contact via social media no matter which team or age they are everyone is incredibly welcoming, helpful and supportive of each other! Although it is new we cannot recommend MXM enough!"

Tammie Goddard

Some messages from our Emmys?

“I can’t believe I’ve been a student at @MXMasterclass for a whole year! It’s been the best year of my life, thank you to all the team at MXM who have taught me so much and to all the Emmys who I love so much!” - Katherine Bowman.


“Going to miss @MXMasterclass for the summer. Hoping that I can do the summer intensive because I’ll have major withdrawals from my second family” - Emma Sherrard. 


"LOVED LOVED LOVED TODAY! So happy to be back with my Emmys. Amazing harmonies, choreo & headshots today! @MXMasterclass is perfect :)" - Ellie Goddard.


Another insane day at @MXMasterclass, singing for the incredible @mikejibson !!!! #Hamilton" - Imogen Gurney.