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90 fun-packed minutes of Singing, Dancing and Acting!


To HAVE FUN as well as learning dance technique, picking up great routines, singing technique and learning brilliant musical theatre songs!


Professional Musical Theatre performer, Daisy Greenwood!

Your Teacher:

Daisy was a student of MX Masterclass for years before joining the team as an assistant and working her way up to teacher of MX MINIS. Daisy has performed as a soloist at London venues such as the prestigious Cadogan Hall (There Is Nothing Like A Dame & West End Women concerts), Sing Easy West End (With A Little Help From My Friends), Studio 88/Piano Works (After Hours West End - The Show Goes On). Daisy has also worked with Broadway & West End director of Hairspray, Pretty Woman and Kinky Boots, Jerry Mitchell on the workshop of a brand new Musical coming soon!

Daisy ran our lockdown classes for young performers every morning Monday-Friday on our MX Masterclass Instagram Live (click here to see Daisy in action). She created 100 live sessions during the first lockdown - each one a different routine to a different musical theatre song. An amazing achievement in itself! Daisy graduated in Musical Theatre at London School of Musical Theatre. Michael says: "Daisy is not only a credit to herself but a walking advert for MX Masterclass! Her attitude, commitment and bundles of energy make her the BEST teacher for MX Minis! We've now goto Daisy working with our older students, too because she's so fabulous! I can't wait for your little ones to be inspired by her infectious happiness as well as brilliant knowledge!"

"Hello! My name's Daisy...

...and I'll be your teacher at MX MINIS! I am a performer myself and trained under Michael Xavier for a number of years before becoming an assistant within the company. I have a fully enhanced DBS and chaperone license as well as plenty of teaching experience! I’ve mentored lots of young people who work in the industry and cannot wait to get started with MX MINIS to give more training and opportunities to wonderful kids like yours! It's an hour a week filled with singing, dancing and having lots of fun! I really hope to meet you very soon. Exciting times ahead!

Daisy Greenwood x"

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Embrace the Magic of Musical Theatre with MX Minis

At MX Masterclass, we believe every child harbours a universe of potential. MX Minis is our specially crafted programme for children aged 5-9, designed to introduce them to the enchanting world of musical theatre. Here, your child's journey towards creativity, confidence, and camaraderie begins.

MX Minis: A Unique Blend of Fun and Learning

Our MX Minis programme offers a vibrant blend of singing, dancing, and acting, tailored specifically for young, energetic learners. Each 90-minute session is a whirlwind of excitement, filled with activities that not only entertain but also educate.

Training Tailored for Young Stars

We understand that the early years are crucial for developing a love for the arts. Our curriculum at MX Minis is designed to nurture this passion in a playful yet structured environment. The children learn essential theatre techniques while having a blast - the perfect recipe for fostering a lifelong affinity for the performing arts.

Led by the Exceptional Daisy Greenwood

Guiding our young talents is Daisy Greenwood, a professional pe
rformer with a rich history at MX Masterclass. Daisy's journey from a student to a teacher here is a shining example of the growth and opportunities we offer. Her infectious enthusiasm and expertise make each class an adventure in learning and fun.



Why MX Minis?

Joining MX Minis means more than just attending classes. It’s about being part of a community that celebrates creativity and individuality. Here's why MX Minis is the ideal starting point for your child's artistic journey:

  • Nurturing Environment: We create a safe, encouraging space where children can express themselves freely and build confidence.

  • Foundation Skills: Our curriculum is designed to instil fundamental skills in singing, dancing, and acting, forming a strong base for future artistic endeavours.

  • Joyful Learning: We believe learning should be fun. Our classes are a blend of enjoyable activities and meaningful education.

  • Community and Friendship: MX Minis is not just a class; it's a community where lifelong friendships are forged, and a love for the arts is shared.

Enrol in MX Minis Today!

Ready to watch your child shine in the world of musical theatre? Enrolling in MX Minis is straightforward. Secure a place for your child in our upcoming term above. With a simple and convenient enrolment process, your child is just a few clicks away from starting an unforgettable journey with MX Minis.


Unleash your child’s potential and watch them grow in the joyous world of musical theatre at MX Masterclass.